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AIMS Power PWRI60012S Pure Sine Power Inverter, 600W Continuous Power, 1200W Surge Power (Peak Power), USB Port, Dual AC Receptacle, On and off Switch, Over Temperature Indicator, Overload Protection.

Power inverters have become a staple in businesses and homes around the world due to intermittent brown and blackouts. AIMS Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters provide reliable transformation of DC power from a battery into AC power that can then be used to run lights computers printers televisions medical equipment and a broad range of appliances.

Key Features:
- 600W continuous power.
- 1200W surge power (peak power).
- USB Port.
- Dual AC receptacle.
- On and off switch.
- Over temperature indicator.
- Overload protection.
- Low battery voltage warning and shutdown.
- Alligator clips included 28 inches.
- High input voltage protection with automatic shutdown.
- Over load indicator.
- Short circuit protection.
- Load based fan-only runs when an inverter senses a load.
- Enclosed dc battery connections.
- AC output short circuit protection.
- Low battery voltage warning/shutdown.
- Internal blade fuse protection.

- DC input/operating voltage: 10 to 15V.
- Output voltage: 120V AC.
- Output voltage regulation: approx 3 percent.
- Output frequency: 60 Hz.
- Battery low voltage alarm: 10.6 more or less 0.5V.
- Battery low voltage shutdown: 10.0 more or less 0.5V.
- No load power consumption: Less than 0.6 DC amps.
- Full load efficiency: 90 percent.
- 1/3 load efficiency: 85 percent minimum.
- No load minimum operating temperature: 32F.
- Full load maximum operating temperature: 104F (automatic shutdown).
- High input voltage protection: 15V.
- Low input voltage shutdown: 10V.
- Size: 8.39 x 5.51 x 2.91 inches.
- Weight: 3.68 pounds

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