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Truck driving schools can teach you how to drive, but nobody's there to teach you the rest....the most important things. This book is a no-holds-barred, call 'em as I see 'em account of what I went through during my 15 year truck driving career. It's filled with advice, stories, and insights for anyone considering a career in trucking. I hope to shed some light on what the trucking industry is REALLY like, with no hidden agendas and no regrets. I absolutely loved my 15 years on the road. The experiences, the friends, the money, the challenges, and the freedom were phenomenal. But I have to warn you, trucking is nothing like you might expect, and it's not for most people. It's the best career imaginable for the right people, and an utter nightmare for others. You'll enjoy the stories in this book. I have some legendary ones. You'll also appreciate my honest account of the expectations, pressures, and rewards of the job. Most importantly, if you do decide to pursue a career in trucking you'll be armed with the proper expectations about how difficult but rewarding this career will be. "There are so many things to know if you want to be successful on the road and they take years to learn. I'm talking about things they don't teach in truck driving schools and things companies don't talk least not honestly. There are "gray areas" and "unwritten rules" in the trucking industry that have a major impact on your life and your career - and only time on the road will reveal the realities of life as a truck driver......" - Brett Aquila, Author - "Becoming A Truck Driver:The Raw Truth About Trucking"

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