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Amazon Sales Rank: 1235756 in Wireless Phone Accessory
UPC: 856955005016
Category: Wireless

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MADE IN USA - Our PHONE MOUNT DEVICE FOR CARS is unique in its simplicity and convenience. For the dash, It has a very strong Neodymium disc magnet (1.25 inches diameter) and an appropriate 3M adhesive for attachment. On the front of the magnet is a protective, translucent 3M plastic cover to protect the magnet and enhance safety. Choose the spot on your dash for the location, press firmly, and wait overnight for full adherence of your MAGNETIC DASH MOUNT. It attaches to plastic, metal and glass surfaces. For the phone itself, we provide, at no extra charge, a device we call a JIMI-RING (US Patent 9,427,070 B1) - the DISC being steel to permit attachment to the magnet. This JIMI-RING attaches to the backside of the phone case via a strong 3M pre-mounted adhesive. The special design of this JIMI-RING, incorporating a plastic ring that largely encompasses the magnet to which it is attached, allows phone slide-off in one direction only; toward the top of the phone. Also included is a second possibility, a steel DISC. This option is for those preferring a minimal addition to the backside of the phone case. It provides a less secure magnetic mount than the JIMI-RING but is fully adequate for dash mounts. However, if you plan to transfer your phone from the dash to one of our wearable phone mounts, a BELT CLIP or ARMBAND, for example, our JIMI-RING is mandatory.

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