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Amazon Sales Rank: 301305 in Kitchen
UPC: 616241764863
Category: Kitchen

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* Best Toothbrush in the world
This product has been patented in 144 countries worldwide. We have succeeded in making 35 micro projections on one strand with the best technology in the world.
A total of 52,500 micro projections can help you to remove your Dental Calculus : Bacterial Membrane : Plaque.
"Bumpy Bristles Toothbrush" more more more effectively removes plaque on the tooth surface than other general toothbrushes.
And the Bumpy bristles showed a 23% gingivitis reduction effect.
Our toothbrush is made in Republic of Korea, unlike many other toothbrushes made in China. And we are making this toothbrush with the best materials.

* How to use.
Please brush your teeth gently. If you keep using this toothbrush for 2 to 4 weeks, you will definitely get good results. Buy It Now!!!
(If this toothbrush stimulates your gums too much, you can control the frequency of use.)

* Fast Shipping
This item ships from FBA by Amazon; Republic of (South Korea).

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